3 Russian National Parks You Need to Visit

If you are a nature lover, you might find visiting national parks therapeutic. With their clean air, unique landscapes, and chance to observe wild animals in their habitats, Russian scenes are a must-see. If you ever find yourself in Russia, indulge your inner nature lover and visit these national parks.



Elk Island, Moscow

Located in Moscow, Elk Island is one of the first national parks in Russia. Also known as Losiny Ostrov, the park was made back in 1983. You can find it the northern region of the Russian capital, where it stretches deep into Moscow. Locals and tourists alike may find it enjoyable for walks on a calm weekend. You can also stroll around the park using a bike and observe real elks.

The entrance to the park is free. You can find the entrance around Belokamennaya station on the Circle Line. You can also visit elks if you go to the Biological Research Station.


Sochi National Park

Like the Elk Island, the Sochi National Park also opened in 1983. It is arguably the most popular national park among the locals. One of the activities you must try here is to swim in the warmth of the Black Sea found at the foot of the snowy mountains. You can also enjoy the sights of waterfalls, canyons, and caves. The park has also started to reintroduce Caucasian leopards in the area.

Sochi is located 1,000 miles south of Moscow. You will have to ride an airplane to get there and take the bus from the railway leading to the park. To enter, you must pay a fee of 100 rubles or $1.60.


Curonian Spit, Kaliningrad

Kurshskaya Kosa, or Curonian Spit, is the smallest national park in Russia. It is also where you can find the highest dunes in Europe. If you are one a cruise ship, you may spend three days in here without the need for a Russian visa. In this park, you can find dunes that are as wide as apartment complexes, Baltic beaches, or pine forests. Multi-kilometer dunes help attract millions of tourists every year.

The park can be found in the Russia-Lithuanian border. To get there, you can take a bus from Kaliningrad to Klaipeda and get off before you get to the border.

Traveling to Russia is now more comfortable with the Russland evisum. Make sure to check out these parks on your next trip to Russia.

Author: Teresa Miller