4 Unique Omani Traditions You Should Know About

Oman is one of the top tourist spots in the Middle East. The people of Oman are friendly, and its culture and heritage are more than its wide selection of hotels and beach resorts. For many foreigners, the traditions of Oman are fun and worth learning when they visit the country. If you want to have an evisa Oman is offering, then you should get to know first the unique Omani traditions that are practiced by the current generation.


Offering of Coffee and Fruits

In some parts of Oman, particularly in al Batinah, it is not respectful to ask a local “What’s up?” or ask questions about himself, his family, or what’s going on in his life. This is an unwritten rule, especially if you visit his home for the first time. You have to offer him local coffee and fruits first before you could initiate any conversation. In fact, in most parts of al Dakhiliya, you may have to sit with the local first and exchange news, but you have to wait till he initiates the conversation.


Hospitality Through Frankincense and Coffee

If you’re one of those planning to visit the country through an evisa Oman offers, then you should first get familiar with the Omani culture of hospitality. If you’re invited to an Omani house, they’ll offer you a bowl of fates, qahwa (coffee along with cardamom), and a selection of fruits. You have to shake the cup after three servings to indicate that you’ve finished. Also, expect to receive incense and perfume before you leave.


Rules on Shoes and Slippers

Always leave your shoes and slippers outside. Old Omani people think this is seriously disrespectful. Also, if you’re with a traditional family, it is impolite to shake hands with the family members while you’re wearing shoes in case you meet someone along the street. In fact, you may remove your shoes before greeting anyone. However, the locals may give leeway to foreigners.


Stranger Wedding Ceremonies

If you’re invited to an Omani wedding, you shouldn’t be surprised to see old ladies bringing a palm tree branch and making the groom and the bride step on it. It is a wish for happiness, especially as they pour rose water. Before the wedding, there is the “malka,” or the celebration where the man and the woman first announce the marriage to the public. It is a huge feast that involves the family, relatives, and friends of both the groom and the bride.


Some Final Words

There are many other traditions in Oman like the wearing of long conservative clothing for women and many other traditions like not refusing an Omani local’s invitation to coffee or meal.


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