5 New Zealand Beaches to Visit on Your Next Trip

With more than 15,000 km of unspoiled virgin beaches and crystal clear blue water, New Zealand is a paradise in the Pacific waiting for you. In fact, there are so many beaches all over New Zealand that it would be impossible to visit them all. However, if you got your New Zealand visa ready, then here are the five most recommended beaches that you should compel yourself to visit.



Piha Beach

Located in the bustling city of Auckland, Piha Beach is where Malibu Board riding was born. Piha is perfect for anyone who wants to go for a relaxing dip in the water. This is ideal for one who will want to relax on the beach while taking in all the nature around him. There is a campground as well as restaurants and cafes nearby, so you can visit Piha anytime you’re traveling to Auckland. You may also want to stay a couple of nights on the nearby campground.

Kaiteriteri Beach 

If you have your New Zealand visa ready, then you can go straight to Kaiteriteri Beach beside the Abel Tasman National Park. The sun reaches its perfect climax of a view at Kaiteriteri Beach and its golden sand. You can also watch the kiwis, seals, penguins, and dolphins whether or not you’re a wildlife enthusiast. Watch out for the rare Little Blue Penguins, which are the smallest in the world. You can also go paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, and fishing on Kaiteriteri Beach.

Hot Water Beach

Located on the Coromandel Peninsula, this beautiful beach is all about digging up your hot spa in the sand. As the tide goes out, you can dig your little pools in Hot Water Beach. The natural springs will fill your little pool with hot water infused with healthy amounts of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. You can also visit Cathedral Cove and Pinnacles Hike nearby.

New Chums Beach

New Chums Beach is where you’ll have to hold your breath for the beauty and serenity that await you. The beach is not that easy to get to because it’s off the track. Walk through the thick bush for 40 minutes before you can wade in the quiet water of New Chums Beach. Located on the Coromandel, it is one of the best beaches the world can offer. New Chums Beach boasts of its crystal clear waters and the pure nature that envelops it.

Ninety Mile Beach 

This vast and pristine beach is unknown to many tourists. It stretches over 54 miles of shoreline. This impressive beach makes it possible for anyone to drive on the sandy shore itself. However, the beach is immense, so you may not see anyone for miles while driving on it. Ninety Mile Beach has high sand dunes, and you can fish, surf, and swim here too if you’re not sandboarding.

Some Final Words

There are many more beaches in New Zealand that are worth mentioning, but not every beach is as famous as these five. Having a New Zealand visa is not only about visiting friends and family in New Zealand but also exploring the golden sandy shores and the crystal clear waters. If you haven’t got a visa yet, then contact https://etanewzealandvisa.com/ for more information

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