5 Unique Traditions in New Zealand

You might think that New Zealand might not be historical because it is small and young. But you’re wrong, the country might be starting anew, but it has a plethora of cultures and traditions that you can enjoy. Plan your travel now, and apply for a New Zealand tourist visa to explore the unique customs in the country.

Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand has lots of tourist attractions you can visit, so make sure that you apply for a New Zealand tourist visa, so you will not miss out of the places you need to see in the country. You can explore Bay of Islands, Milford Sound, Waiheke Island, and many more. From those places, you will find picture-perfect views, and you can make great memories.

Reasons Why New Zealand is Famous

Different interesting things are surrounding New Zealand. The country is famous for its Manuka Honey, a flower budding from the Manuka tree which is endemic in New Zealand. Have your pictures taken with the flowers. The dairy farms in New Zealand are places worth visiting. In recent statistics, there are more sheep, cows, and other dairy animals than people residing in the country. Moreover, the country also produces fine wine.

Traditions Only New Zealand Residents Know

If you want to have exceptional experiences in New Zealand, you need to familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Gumboot Day – This event is celebrated annually at Taihape in North Island. The residents’ aim every year is to have a record-breaking gumboot throw.
  • Chocolate carnival – Cadbury Chocolate Carnival is held every year at the highest street, Baldwin Street. Jaffa balls, chocolates only found in New Zealand, start the commencement of the festival by making their way down the street.
  • Powhiri – Traditionally, this is done in a Maori house to welcome guests annually. There are different presentations. This is one of the cultures that only New Zealanders are aware of.
  • The hangi – If you’re lucky to come across a special occasion, you might witness a unique cooking technique. This method is done underground with the help of rocks in an oven in the ground.
  • The haka – This is a war dance that is made famous by the All Blacks team in New Zealand.

Different countries have different customs; this is the reason why intercultural communication is important, so each tradition needs to be respected. When you go to New Zealand, be one with the Kiwis by discovering their unique traditions.

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