India Travel for Holidays

Do you have any future plans to travel to India for a holiday? Ten below are the fantastic and beautiful experiences you don’t want to miss.

New Delhi; this is the capital city of India which has many historic buildings left behind by the Mughal rulers who lived in the city some decades ago. These buildings include the Old Delhi, mosques, monuments and forts. All these are surrounded by well- maintained eye-catching gardens.

The golden Temple; A India travel will not be complete without a visit to the most beautiful temple in the country known as the Golden Temple also known as Darbar Sahib, found in Punjab. Founded in 1577, it is the spiritual capital of the Sikhs. The temple is surrounded by a pool of water referred to as the Holy Nectar Pool. The Temple looks magnificently beautiful at night when it lit up. It was founded by the fourth guru of the Sikhs known as Guru Ram Das.

The Taj Mahal; this is the most famous tourist attraction site in India found in Agra. It receives hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. It forms part of India’s Golden Triangle for tourists. Studies have shown that this site is the major reason why India traveling tourists use the golden triangle.

The Ajanta Ellora caves; this is another historical site you can’t afford to miss as a tourist in India. These caves are carved on a hillside rock close to Aurangabad, north of Maharashtra. These caves exhibit a magnificent architecture and history of the Hindus.

Udaipur; this is a city famed for its beautiful lakes and palaces. It is most popular for its romantic aura and it has very affordable hotels and restaurants which offer value for your money. The royal family in Udaipur has constructed a museum in the city which offers historical lessons about their family and the Indian culture in general. This offers great lessons to history fans.
India is a beautiful country to travel to and to live in.

Author: Teresa Miller