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Thrill Rides


(min. height 52”) If you have a fear of heights, think twice before hopping on this ascending 20-story tower. After ascending 20 stories, you will drop 16, at a max. speed of 65 mph – talk about adrenaline-pumpin’!

Batman: The Ride

(min. height 54”) Feel the experience Batman felt when he needed to escape his enemies: same adrenaline rush, same speed: this is what Batman: The Ride has to offer thrill seekers. Definitely worth experiencing!

Dahlonega Mine Train

(min. height 42”) This is, perhaps, one of the most family-friendly thrill rides one will find at Six Flags Over Georgia. 2 Minutes 51 Seconds, 29 MPH, close to 4 story tall.

Dare Devil Dive

(min. height 48”) “Drop Beyond Vertical”! One of the most adrenaline-rushing thrill rides in the park. Loops, drops and speed – these are, perhaps, the best terms to describe it.

Georgia Cyclone

(min. height 48”) Head-spinning drops and turns – this is an old-school trill-packed wooden track.


(min. height 54”) Think about this: because it is so huge, Goliath couldn’t fit within the park grounds, so it had to be extended outside the park, therefore, the spins and turns go back and forth, within and outside the park. There is a 200-feet ascent, 0-gravity floating hills and drops, plus more.

Mind Bender

(min. height 42”) This one has a height restriction, so it’s more suitable for smaller children, also giving them the chance to feel the rush. However, only those of them who dare can feel it, because the ride includes a three loops—two vertical—at speeds up to 50 mph, and it is 8-stories tall.


(min. height 48”) With 5 upside-down turns, speeds that reach 55 mph, and a height of 12 stories, this trill can only blow your mind. It is a blood-rushing ride!

Ski Coaster

(min. height 48”) 10 stories tall, 50 mph.

Superman: The Ultimate Flight

(min. height 54”) Another blood-rushing thrill ride that should not be missed.

The Georgia Scorcher

(min. height 54 “) It is one of tallest and fastest attractions of its kind in the Southeast.

The Great American Scream Machine

( min. height 42”) This was once the tallest coaster in the world. But, don’t worry, it gives the same amount of adrenaline to whoever dares to ride it, as it ever it.

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