Top 4 Must-Try Restaurants in New York

In a large metropolitan like New York,  the conflicting sets of lifestyles are readily apparent in food. If you are planning to travel to the Land of the Free, keep in mind that entry to may require a visa or a US Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), kind of like an ETIAS Europe.  Here are must-try food places and restaurants in New York.


Di Fara Pizzeria

Few people don’t like pizza, and it’s understandable. Not many could resist its cheesy, meaty goodness, or its crispy crust. And when it comes to pizza in New York, few would compare to Di Fara.

Domenico DiMarco, pizza making authority explains that the secret to their well-loved pizza comes from their ingredients, which were all straight from Italy. Di Fara prides itself on simple looking but complex tasting pizza. They may be a tad bit too expensive, but for that kind of quality, then it is indeed worth it.

Russ & Daughters

Russ & Daughters has been around since 1914, evolving from their humble push-cart beginnings into a well-known deli. The restaurant serves all types of salmon and salmon dishes, both salt and cured, and an assortment of other side dishes such as cheeses, salads, and bagels.

There is a wide selection of salmon dishes available, but they pack quite the hefty price tag as salmon is an expensive type of delicacy. It is by no means a budget restaurant, but it is one bound to satisfy for the maximum bang for your buck.

Chez Ma Tante

The Chez Ma Tante bistro serves Canadian-inspired dishes with a touch of French. It may not look that spectacular; the walls are plain, the tables are wood, the menu is humble. But they all come together in harmony, in an experience, you can call “more than the sum of its parts.”

The simplicity of the menu does not take away any of the taste, however. Chez Ma Tante has everything from breakfast to dinner to snacks in between, and everything is sumptuously perfect.


Oaxacan food sounds exotic, and for NYC, it might as well be since it is not that well known. Oaxaca is a state in Mexico, and Claro serves the best Oaxaca/Mexican food in the city.

And their outdoor patio is a perfect place to dine during sunny days. Sweet!

Alicia Keys described New York as the ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of,’ and it is just that, especially when it comes to dreams of food. Much like an ETIAS Europe, one would need an ESTA US to enter the great nation, but it one worthy of the hassle.

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