Top 4 Things To See In New Zealand this 2020

New Zealand is a country to love. It has the most beautiful and surreal views in the world that are also majestic by itself. Apart from that, New Zealand has the most abundant culture and arts that you will love to experience! So, after processing your ETA New Zealand, ticking this country off your bucket list should be your next step. That said, here are the top four things to see in New Zealand this upcoming year 2020:

Bay Of Islands

The Bay of Islands is the typical postcard photo with sailing boats and yachts. It is where many tourists flock in to see the 144 islands on the necklace of the bay. You can see uninhabited islands, fishing spots, abundant forests, and even hiking places that are well-preserved up to this day. It is also the perfect spot to witness the abundant marine life of the country. You can see whales, penguins, marlins, and dolphins freely swimming in the area. 

Tongariro National Park

In Tongariro National Park, you can have everything you are looking for in one place. Volcanoes, forests, fields, hot springs, hiking trails, and even lakes are present in the area. It is stunningly beautiful with lots of activities you can enjoy. 


Noted as one of the geothermal regions, Rotorua is one kind of a magical place. It is filled with mud pools, thermal springs, and other volcanic craters that are not safe to get close to. However, you can still choose safer places like the mineral-rich springs in the area. Sky diving, trekking, and biking are also allowed in the area. 

Napier In Hawke’s Bay

Two things will always remind us of the Napier In Hawke’s Bay, and that is art and food. It is a place with restaurants of the most unique and delicious recipes in the country. It is also filled with colourful illustrations that are Spanish-inspired. 

The first step in ticking off these places off your bucket list is to process your ETA New Zealand. Next, fly to New Zealand with your family and friends to make your stay more enjoyable!

Author: Teresa Miller